WTF Is This Bloggery Mess?


Yesterday was “Go Live” day.  Less than 24 hours later, I’m deep into my new online world; setting up this site, thinking of ideas, wondering why the hell I thought this would be a good idea, and learning how to go about making this venture worth a damn for any readers.  I’m one of those people who, paradoxically, often have too much moxie and not always enough mojo; I’m overconfident and lack confidence.  I both love and loathe the unknown, and I’m just a bit more of an optimist than a pessimist.  So onward I shall plod.

One of the things that may be a double-edged sword is that I have a lot of interests and a lot of opinions on those interests.  There’s a great deal of ground that can be covered under the umbrella of ‘anything.’  It’s a crapshoot of sorts. Maybe readers will help me weed out and focus on things from time to time.

What I am hoping to do is relate my thoughts, feelings, and passion in an interesting and provocative way without causing my, or other people’s heads to explode.  A nice, “oh, wow,” or “ah-ha” or “yeah, but” moment is the goal; for me and for my readers to experience.  I like to discuss vice argue, taunt, and insult.

I also like to think I have thick skin.  I don’t, really.  I can put up with a lot of crap, but it bothers me, more or less.  That said, I appreciate any feedback, praise mostly, am I right?  Criticism is a difficult art to master and many people, including myself, are short on wisdom and skill to offer such.  Insults, trolling, and just generally mean-spirited comments are really a waste of everyone’s time; well, except for those whose mission it is to divide and conquer a society or segment thereof.

Facebook is probably the biggest reason that I’m working out my writing on my own site now.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the interactions and ideas that have come my way from so many people and content producing entities, I yearn for a more sophisticated and ‘quieter’ experience from the fire hose of disinformation and thoughtless and reckless nonsense that is so pervasive lately on social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and others.  I’m not anti- any of it, I just needed a fresh canvas of my own making.

This new venture is akin to therapy, which I am certainly and sorely in need of, again.

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